LearnProPoker vs 3-Bet Range Pack​


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LearnProPoker vs 3-Bet Range Pack

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LearnProPoker vs 3-Bet Range Pack​

The next step in mastering and applying ranges to your game involves maximizing your edge even when facing less common preflop scenarios. Bigger pots means a larger impact on your win rate, and not having a solid game plan when facing preflop 3-bets can cause weaker players to falter. This is where the 3-bet range pack comes in! These ranges will help plug those leaks and solidify your preflop decision tree to keep you profitable!

Included in this pack:

  • Unlimited access to over 280 GTO ranges for preflop 3-bet situations
  • Action frequencies from all positions, facing raises from all positions
  • Covers incremental stack sizes from 10-100BBs

This purchase also comes with lifetime upgrades to the ranges as they are updated and refined.