Chasing Poker Greatness Simplified 6-max Cash Game Ranges


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Chasing Poker Greatness Simplified 6-max Cash Game Ranges

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The First Step on Your Path to Online Cash Game Domination

Mastering your preflop ranges is great and all…

But how valuable is that knowledge if you can’t execute your strategy properly while you’re battling in the arena?

That’s why this pack features 65 optimized & simplified 6-max cash game ranges with no mixed frequencies. So that as soon as you sit down at any table on Earth you’ll know exactly what you ought to do with each and every hand you get dealt.

If you want to master your preflop strategy in online cash games so that you have less anxiety in your sessions, feel more comfortable about the decisions you’re making preflop, and are able to spend more energy on your postflop game…

This range pack is for you.

As a FREE BONUS when you buy the 6-Max Cash Game Range Pack on RangeTrainerPro, you’ll also receive a 64+ track private audio feed where Coach Brad (Founder of and host of the Chasing Poker Greatness podcast) breaks down each range for you one by one podcast-style so that you can continue learning your ranges even while you’re on the go.

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"It feels like my understanding of the game has grown overnight. Now, every time I sit down at the computer I feel like I can win. I haven’t felt that way in a long time. In fact, I have not played this much online poker since Black Friday. After that fateful day, I stopped enjoying online poker and playing it because I couldn’t beat the game anymore…Until now.”

  • John M.

“If I had waited until a few thousand hands later in my poker career to memorize my ranges, it would have cost me much more than the price of Coach Brad’s ranges.”

  • Darin H.

“I feel more confident I’m not giving an edge to regs and also that I have an edge vs the recreational players. I can focus on postflop spots and not wonder “should I have called a 5B all in with AKo in that spot”. Those preflop spots have become automatic now and it’s a great feeling knowing you are making money preflop and not having to worry about it.”