LearnProPoker Raise First In (RFI) Range Pack


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LearnProPoker Raise First In (RFI) Range Pack - Sept '20 Update

About this product

LearnProPoker Raise First In (RFI) Range Pack

It’s common knowledge that preflop hand selection is paramount, and decisions on whether to open the pot or fold preflop can have a drastic impact on your win rate. The RFI Range Pack is the ideal study tool for making sure that you are perfecting your preflop opening ranges! Whether you are struggling with overfolding in later positions or generally avoiding unprofitable opening hands, the RFI Range Pack brings clarity to preflop decisions for every stack size and position on the table!

Included in this pack:

  • Unlimited access to 70 GTO Ranges for unopened pots​
  • Covers incremental stack sizes from 10-100BBs
  • Includes all table positions

This purchase also comes with lifetime upgrades to the ranges as they are updated and refined.